Donate Devices, Expand Opportunity

Every resident in Central Ohio should have equitable access to the modern, digital economy. But over
110,000 Franklin County households do not have a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or other large
screen device. This makes every day activities—applying for jobs, telehealth appointments, finding and
enrolling in benefit programs and completing homework—extremely difficult.

Through the Central Ohio Digital Opportunity Network, powered by Digitunity, your company can
donate retired or refurbished devices to a participating nonprofit that supports residents with devices,
digital skills and access to opportunity.

Together, we can close the digital divide and achieve digital equity for all.

“You can imagine what it’s like going to a local coffee shop and doing a term paper using public Wi-Fi or cell phone — really hard, right? It’s hard to really participate in the digital economy when you don’t have the tools, and that’s exactly what we’re investing in,”
headshot of the CIO of The City of Columbus Ohio, 2024
Sam Orth
CTO, City of Columbus

How it works...

Donating is easy and our technology donation platform will help guide you through the process. You have two options: 1) Use the map locator below to offer your device donation to a local nonprofit, or 2) fill out the Donate Now form to have Digitunity match and offer your devices to a qualified nonprofit in your area.

Central Ohio Nonprofits in Need of Devices

Receive Equipment

If you’re a nonprofit supporting underrepresented or marginalized groups, you can apply to receive donated technology. Eligible organizations include 501(c)3 Non-Profits, Public Agencies, Public Schools, Private Schools, or Voluntary Organizations. To apply and be pre-qualified to receive technology, click here to learn more.