Your donation information has been sent to a donation concierge who will be reaching out within the next 2 business days.  If you need to make changes to this donation, please contact or wait until we contact you.

Here’s what happens next:
  • Expect a phone call and/or email from Digitunity within 2 business days to continue information gathering.
  • If you’ve selected a specific nonprofit, the donation concierge will review the organization’s needs and begin preparation for possible placement.
  • Should your donation offer be accepted by the recipient, you will be contacted with details for pickup, delivery or shipment.
  • On average, placement of offered equipment takes 2 weeks.
  • Donation Acknowledgment Letters are issued 4-6 weeks after a non-profit has received your equipment.
  • Acknowledgment Letters are dated in the year in which the non-profit organization receives the equipment.  Equipment donation values are up to the donor to determine as per IRS regulations.